Italian Baja: the “Tzar” plays the main role

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Opening day led by Gadasin (G-Force) ahead on Przyginski (Mini) – 

Codecà and Suzuki give the rythm to the Italian Cross Country Championship – 


The result proudly got by the “Tzar” Boris Gadasin with his G-Force Bars confirmed yesterday’s best time of 7’04’’7 in the Super Special Stage “Pasch”, a 8,12 km track which opened the 25th edition of the Italian Baja, sixth stage of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies. The challenger from Saint Petersburg, winner in 2007, 2009, 2011, surprised the drivers seizing the first three position of the World Cup rank, also thanks to the knowledge of the track improved during all the past years.


The Pole Jakub Przygonski, representing X-Raid Team with his Mini John Cooper Works Rally, suffered anyway a gap of just 0’’7, paying attention not to jeopardize his performance and maintaining his vehicle in good conditions for today’s harder Selective Sectors. Carefully performance for the rally driver Martin Prokop with Ford F-150 Evo, (who recently obtained the 11th position at the Sardinia World Cup race), as he wants to show his talent in the Cross Country specialty. A time of 7’19’’8 for him, with a gap of 15’’1 away from Gadasin, anyway 1’’ ahead on the Russian Vladimir Vasilyev with Mini Cooper Countryman.


The first official agonistic day of the Italian Baja – after a Thursday spent among scrutineering and administrative checks at the Pordenone Fair and a galadinner shared with authorities, sponsors, crews and mechanics – was followed by a rainy night, which anyway didn’t modify the track soil conditions. The Meduna riverbed, hosting the Sss 1 “Pasch”, has been as usual full of traps and obliged competitors to face the many obstacles represented by holes, bushes, trees and stones.


Leader of the Italian rank Lorenzo Codecà with his official Suzuki Grand Vitara 3.6, who doesn’t seem to be worried thanks to the victories he got at the Spring Italian Baja and the Baja Terre di Gallura, which offered him a reveal after a bit unlucky 2017. Seventh best time in the overall ranking in 7’32’’7, with a gap of 6’’8 ahead on the Mini All4 Racing of Eugenio Amos of the X-Raid Team and 17’’4 ahead on the Mini One driven by Elvis Borsoi and prepared by the Collodel 4×4 Team. The champion in charge from Treviso chose to slowly face the prologue not to ruin the vehicle before the race, after the troubles suffered in Sardinia. For sure he will tackle the track in a different way, trying to overtake his rival Codecà in the Italian Cup.


The temporary top-ten is closed by the driver from Ukraine Yuriy Protasov with Autolife Hellcat with a gap of 1’04’’9 away from Gadasin. A quite good result for the official debut of Andrea Tomasini, driver from Pordenone with the other Suzuki Grand Vitara prepared by Emmetre Racing, as he seizes now the 11th position in the overall ranking with a time of 8’15’’5, with a gap of 3’’4 ahead on the “baby” Alessandro Altoé, too young to got the driving license (along the road sections it’s the navigator Bruno Fedullo who has to drive in his place), constantly improving his performances with a Quaddy Yamaha Yxz 1000 R classified T3, that’s to say, light four wheels vehicles.


The young Altoé (he celebrated his 17th birthday in March) could not believe in the classification. Everybody was behind him, all the best World Cup T3 drivers, in facat he got a gap of 1”3 ahead on the Spanish Santiago Navarro and 2”1 ahead on the Hungarian Zoltan Garamvolgyi (both of them also driving a Yamaha). Quite far away from him the Swisse Vincent Gonzales and the other Spanish challenger José Luis Pena Campo, both with a Polaris Razor 1000, who crossed the arrival line respectively after 52’’9 and 1’03’’7. The English Graham Knight (another Polaris) gained the sixth position with a gap of 1’31’’2. Leader of the T2 class, derived vehicles, the Pole Tomas Piec with a time of 9’05’’3.

Nella categoria FIA CEZ TH, a causa di un altro concorrente che ha bloccato la strada, è stato attribuito l’identico tempo imposto a cinque macchine tra cui il campione CEZ TH Mariusz Wiatr e il campione in carica Duster Krzysztof Wicentowicz, entrambi polacchi.

In category FIA CEZ TH, due to another competitor blocking the road, five cars were attributed the same time including reigning CEZ TH champion Mariusz Wiatr and reigning Duster champion Krzysztof Wicentowicz, both from Poland.