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Recipients: Users of the airspace abobe the “Italian Baja 2017” event, UAV-SUAS. Operators wishing to credit themselves for flying operations during the event, ENAC certified operators who wish to be registered during the event-private users.


UAV-SUAS italian rules are issued and managed by the italian Civil Aviation Authority ENAC (Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile). Rules and how to comply can be found at the following link. Please note that the italian acronym for the Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle is SAPR (Sistemi aeromobili a Pilotaggio Remoto).


Italian Baja 2017 will see a heavy use of the airspace by both manned and unmanned traffic, this has led to the necessity to manage the condivision of the available airspace by a dedicated structure, to maintain the highest safety level throughout the event both on the ground and in the air. Uav operators or any party wishing to use the airspace during the event is asked to contact the organizer and register their operations program.


Before and during the event the management of the airspace will be performed by a Local Air Traffic Control that will receive and give informations about the air traffic in the area of the event. This will serve also as an interface with eventual outside inbound traffic. The mentioned service is already active by phone at the number +39-393-9210646.


The organizers remind that the area of the event is included in the Aviano AFB CTR, which means that by any mean if a Notam is issued the maximum height that can be used in the area must not exceed 70 mts from ground. Further limitations must be applied to the flights to be performed in urban areas or in proximity of people. Please refer to the italian rules (link above) for details. The organizer will update the official event site with any relevant information on the airspace use, Notam included. Please refer to the ENAC and ENAV sites for official information.