Instructions for spectators
This section analyses the technical aspects of our event.


Spectator’s notice
Whenever you watch a Rally Selective Section, please follow these short advices. You will safety have more fun! Co-operate with Officials, agents and components of Civil Protection, as well as with our coordinators. The immediate interruption of the Rally will be necessitated by any transgression of the rules


Safety details
Never stay on the wayside or below the road level.
Look for some banked place (walls, banks or any place protected by firm trees!).
In case of slithery route for any reason (rain, oil, …) look for some safety place or ask the Officials.
Never stand near a bend or a twisty, above all never stand after a bend, as in case of high speed the vehicle can oversteer and crash. Look for other protected or banked locations.
Never stand inside of a twisty (especially downward or showing evident diagonal tyres marks), as well as inside of the “NO GO AREA” and in all areas indicated as dangerous by specific boards.
Stay inside of the “GO AREA” or wherever indicated by Officials. Never climb trees or reach other dangerous places, as you could fall and hurt both yourself and other people.
Look for other more safety places or ask our Officials. Never move until all cars leave the track. Wait until sweepers (recognizable by a flashing green light) indicate all competitors passage.
If you are near a rest area inside of a Selective Section, restock before the start, do not move during the race and avoid creating crowds.
Do not park your car on the track or wherever it could represent an obstacle or a danger. Reach the Selective Sections in advance and park outside of the track or in the areas indicated by Officials.
Even outside of the track, mind where you park. Remember that all roads are a possible emergency way for ambulances and break down trucks, so please make sure that your car allows their transit.
Avoid blocking roads wich lead to the Selective Section and also road sections.
Look for alternative routes or reach the section’s locations in advance. At the start and arrival line, do not pass near photocells and time control areas (C.O., start and end P.S., etc). Look for alternative routes and pay attention to Officials advices.
Do not use flash to take pictures of competitors during the race. It will bother them, including the one you support! Buy proper films according to weather conditions.
Do not through anything on the road (gravel, earth, etc.), in order to make the show more “amazing”. Indicate the Officials or agents any possible track anomaly. Do not dirty the wood, neither the surrounding area. Do not light any fire in the wood, as it could generate a proper arson.
Do not ruin the surrounding flora and trees. Rubbish must be put into the appropriate trash boxes. Do not reach by car the Parc Fermé accesses and parking areas.
Access to these areas is allowed to competitors and authorized vehicles only. When you park, mind your car won’t represent an obstacle.
Do not smoke and do not use electronic devices (mobile phone, radio, …) near the designed refueling areas. Stay behind the safety barriers.
If you do not smoke even during the “refueling” break, it will also benefit your health. If you reach a Selective Section in the evening or night, do not wear dark or mimetic clothing. On the contrary, choose bright or even refracting clothing.
In this way you will be easily noticeable also in the dark. Avoid dangerous situations. Do not lean out of safety barriers or stay on the road while you are enouraging competitors.
Look for a safety place to be seen by your favorite competitor without representing an obstacle. Do not stay on the road thinking that you could be able to quit it as soon as a competitor comes; you could stumble and have an accident or create an obstacle for vehicles transit.
Look for safety locations even when you wish to take pictures and use telephotos. In case a competitor has to quit the race for any reason (breakdown, accident, …), do not raid the vehicle, looking for some “souvenir”.
Do not create an obstacle to Officials or breakdown trucks while picking up vehicles, or medical staff. Co-operate with Officials.
Help Officials and agents indicating them any possible ill-intentioned persons raiding vehicles. In case of accident, indicate it to Officials as soon as possible.
If there is no Official nearby, advise the Race Direction (phone numbers are usually indicated in the Rally Guide). Co-operate with Officials in persuading other spectators to respect safety rules, in order to avoid dangerous situations.
The only way Rallies can survive is by respecting these safety rules. Keep in mind that the race interruption or cancellation will represent a damage for everybody!


If you love life and this sport, you just have to be careful respecting these few important rules! THINK ABOUT IT!


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