Limit, as much as you can, the period of time when your vehicle is on, inside the pit: 300 motorcycles on for 30 minutes can produce up to 100 kg of CO2. 100 sqm of tropical forest are needed for one year in order to compensate these carbon emissions.


Your vehicle periodic maintenance and the correct material waste disposal, help to preserve the environment you’re living in. The used oil is one of the main reasons of aquifer pollution. Do your best to dispose it correctly.


For your own mobility within the paddock you should prefer to use low emission vehicles such as bicycles or electric cars.


Try to wash your vehicle with an ecological washing detergent within dedicated areas where wastes can be gathered without polluting the aquifer.


After the race, have a fast shower: you could save up to 40% of water consumption by reducing of two minutes your washing time.


Train yourself on authorised speedways: avoid bushes and forests where you could bother local animal life.


A disused tyre takes more than 100 years to deteriorate. Dispose all your vehicle materials thinking of planet future!


Keep tidy the race environment and use separate collection of wasting bins and suggest everyone to do the same!


Drink tap water and use a water flask in order not to use those polluting plastic bottles.


Electric vehicles are the future: FIA Formula E and FIM e-Power championships every year show to the public what electric motor can do in racing.

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