Happy New Year with a double Italian Baja – The need to come back to a roaring normality.

By carlo 0

Her Majesty the Dakar will start on January 3rd, marking a new beginning for   our beloved motorsport, upset by the global pandemic, as any other sport discipline. The Fuoristrada 4×4 Pordenone will look from afar at this extraordinary adventure with regard and respect, also thanks to the involving story realized for Eurosport by Nicola Villani,  a friend become a formidable communication partner for the Italian Baja. By the way, talking about our competition, we wish to remind the double date planned in 2021, after a long lethargy: in March, from 19th to 21st, the opening race as for the Italians Cross Country Championships and in September, from 10th to 12th, the Italian leg valid for the World Cup for Cross Country Bajas. Happy New Year to all our fans with our best wishes to be soon able to come back to a roaring normality! (Gerhard Schneider picture: “Let’s give a hand straightening up the situation…”).