Italian Baja, double challenge in 2021!

By carlo 0

No more melancholy­­­! What we need is optimism, will-power and raising ability. It is with this aim that the Fuoristrada Club 4×4 Pordenone officially renounces to the Italian Baja 2020, projecting with double energy to a double challenge in 2021, defining the goals according to the Federations: in March the National Italian Baja, opening race of the Italian Cross Country Championship; in September the edition valid for the FIA World Cup. For this year, although the staff hardly worked to create news about the track and the location of the organizing structure, game is over. Too many problems to be solved because of the Covid-19 emergency. There is no use in complaining, all our energies are already concentrated in next goals, to be analized together as new chances for all competitors. As well as Tokyo Olympic games, which will sign the global sport restarting, the Italian Baja held in March will take the place of the 2020 edition, while the properly 2021 edition will be the one faced in September. Our memories, which can be considered as an everlasting link between history and traditions, represent the fundamental basis for each restart!