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After a forced hibernation, we remember the double appointment that awaits us in 2021:
from 19 to 21 March it will be the opening test of the Italian Cross Country Championships
from 10 to 12 September Italian stage valid for the Bajas Cross Country World Cup

A first news is the renewal of the website, we hope you like it! We have dusted off all the historical editions since 1993, bringing to light photos, videos and all the news that have thrilled us / you in all the past bajas.

The second novelty of the year is the new location of the Headquarters, which already in the renewed national edition from 19 to 21 March will be usable thanks to the collaboration agreement between the 4x4 Club 4x4 and the Pordenone Interport (Via Interporto Centro Ingrosso, 114/5 - 33170 Pordenone - PN).


All information relating to the drivers (program - members - sporting checks - regulations - timing - competition register and rankings) are visible on the menu of the site "For Drivers".


Waiting for the new promo we relive some moments of 2019

We wish you a good viewing!




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