Italian Baja d'Autunno 2017

Italian Baja d’Autunno: Bordonaro seal


All-Suzuki tricolor podium with honor square for Tomasini and third place for Alfano, winner of the national T2. Among the Side by Side success of Scandola (Polaris) on Ventura, but the first title of the TM Group goes to Vagaggini (Yamaha). First Ceschin in TH and trophy awarded to Grandi (Nissan). Great final party for the Italian champion Borsoi and the Collodel 4x4 team


The first time is never forgotten. It will be the same for Alfio Bordonaro and Marcello Bono, surprise winners of the Italian Baja d'Autunno, the final round of the 2017 Italian Cross Country Rally Championship. The Sicilian crew driving a Suzuki Grand Vitara T2 (production cars) prepared by Poillucci Team, lined up all the opponents in the car, closing with a total time of 1: 44'43 '' after two days of competition at Valvadrom, on the Tagliamento riverbed.


In second place behind by 1'26 '' the Pordenone riders Andrea Tomasini and Mauro Toffoli with a Suzuki Grand Vitara T1 (prototypes), climbing from the fourth position obtained at the end of the first stage on Saturday, when the possibility of success had materialized thanks to the retirement of Andrea Dalmazzini (first Suzuki driver) and the mechanical problems accused by Elvis Borsoi on the Toyota Toyodell, with the new Italian cross country rally champion forced to continue behind the lines in order to conclude the last challenge of the season and celebrate with the team Collodel 4x4.


Third step of the podium in Valvasone for Andrea Alfano and Carmen Marseille (at 1’44 ''), who, however, won the national T2 trophy at the expense of Bordonaro-Bono, still winners of the Suzuki Challenge, the now historic single-make of the off-road flag. Race never predictable up to the last meter, with uncertain challenges in Groups and Classes.


The epilogue of the Acisport Trophy reserved for TMs held the entourage of North East Ideas with bated breath, who couldn't wait to celebrate Mauro Vagaggini and Manuela Perissinotti, who started with the leadership in the standings, but pursued by rivals Amerigo Ventura and Graziano Scandola.



At the end of the five selective sectors explosively traveled, the Veronese Scandola on Polaris Razor took the deserved triumph at the Italian Baja d'Autunno in 1: 38'53 '', but finished third (263 points) in the trophy behind of Vagaggini from Pordenone (265) and Ventura from Turin (264.5) on Quaddy Yamaha. Among the vehicles with expired homologation, victory for the Venetian Francesco Ceschin in a Nissan Navara in 1: 46’01 ’and the TH title awarded to Augusto Grandi (Nissan Patrol) ahead of Simone Grossi (Land Rover Defender).

Absolute rankings

Baja Autumn 2017 ranking (pdf)



Pilot : Alfio Bordonaro
Co-pilot : Marcello Bono
Car : Suzuki New Gran Vitara 1.9 DDIS
Team : Poillucci Motorsport
Pilot : Andrea Tomasini
Co-pilot : Mauro Toffoli
Car : Suzuki Gran Vitara
Team : Nord Est Idee asd
Pilot : Andrea Alfano
Co-pilot : Carmen Marsiglia
Car : Suzuki Gran Vitara
Team : Ramingo 4x4


Acerni Bondi
Lops La Rosa
Carmen Marsiglia
Alfano Marsiglia
Ceschin Feraboli
Scandola Sandrin
Alfano Marsiglia
Andrea Tomasini
Tomasini Toffoli
Tomasini Toffoli
Bordonaro Bono
Bordonaro Bono
Bordonaro Bono
Baja d’Autunno, formula “Side by Side”
Baja d’Autunno, i T2 all’ultimo assalto
Alessio De Angelis
Italian Baja d’Autunno, vigilia al Valvadrom
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