Italian Baja 2017

Przygonski seals a convincing performance from start to finish.

Triumph of the Pole driver with his Mini All4 Racing at the Italian Baja, seven years after the victory of his compatriot Krzystof Holowczyc. The podium is seized by the Czech Zapletal with a Ford 150 and the Qatari Abu-Issa in the other Mini X-Drive. Bis for Borsoi in the Italian Championship, who defeats Codecà and Alfano. 



Poland put his signature on the Italian Baja. It is Jakub Przygonski to win the Pordenone race, valid as sixth leg of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies. The driver from Warsaw wins in his Mini All4 Racing also last two Selective Sectors of the 24th edition of the race, finishing the 465 km in 5.41’21’’7. He is the second Pole driver to deliver a successfully position along the Meduna and Tagliamento riverbeds: last one was Krzystof Holowczyc in 2010 with Nissan Navara. Behind “Kuba” we find the Bohemian Miroslav Zapletal (Ford 150) in 16’12’’7 and the Qatari Mohammed Abu-Issa (Mini All4 Racing) in 31’22’’4.



THE RACE. Games seemed to be over confirming a whole Polish podium. On the contrary, on the first re-start of yesterday’s Valvadrom, the double Selective Sector of the day (86 km), both Aron Domzala and Martin Kaczmarski, with their Toyota Hilux Overdrive, are obliged to give up the Top three positions. The first one has to abandon the race because of engine problems; the second one suffers a puncture of three tires and having at disposal just two spare wheels has to reach the service, although he rejoins the fray he is out of the game. Przygonski takes the win securing himself the margin of 1.02’36’’ sealing also the second lap, when Zapletal – after availing himself of the troubles suffered by the Poles – climbs up to the second position while Abu-Issa is third, as Ronan Chabot (Hilux) has a problem in last Valvadrom leg. Thanks to this success Przygonski takes second in the World Cup rank getting 114 scores, passing over Al-Qassimi with a difference of 36 scores from Al-Attiyah, winner of last two Italian Baja editions, who this weekend was taking part in the Cyprus Rally.


ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. Elvis Borsoi (Toyota Toyodell) confirms his leadership in the Italian Championship for Cross Country Rallies gained in the previous two days: he wins both passages of the Selective Sectors and finishes sixth in the overall rank, with a gap of almost 50’ behind the winner. After the Spring Baja he celebrates now his second success in the Italian race. Second position for Lorenzo Codecà (Suzuki Gran Vitara), in seventh of the overall (with a gap of 1.07’18’’9), third place for Andrea Alfano, with Suzuki Gran Vitara as well.



TH E TM. Winner in Th Giovanni Augusto Grandi, who finishes in 7.24’41’’1 with his Nissan Patrol Gr, with a gap of over two minutes ahead on Simone Grossi, second with Land Rover. The winner seals both yesterday’s Selective Sectors. Tm class led by Mauro Vagaggini, president of the Atap Bus society: the manager finishes in 6.47’01’’9 with a Yamaha Yxz1000R, securing victory by over 6’ margin ahead on Roberto Tonetti (driving the same vehicle). Fans framed the Selective Sectors, especially at the Rauscedo Jump, but crowing also the city square, piazza XX Settembre, which hosted the arrival ceremony. Next year the Italian Baja will celebrate his 25th anniversary and we are looking forward to celebrating the event with some very special news.

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Absolute rankings

Ranking Italian Baja 2017 (pdf)



Pilot : Jakub Przygonski
Co-pilot : Tom Consoul
Car : Mini All4 racing
Team : X-Raid Team Gmbh
Pilot : Miroslav Zapletal
Co-pilot : Marek Sykora
Car : Ford 150
Team : Offroad Sport
Pilot : Mohammed Abu-Issa
Co-pilot : Xavier Panseri
Car : Mini John Cooper Works Rally
Team : X-Raid Team Gmbh
Pilot : Elvis Borsoi
Co-pilot : Stefano Rossi
Car : Toyota Toyodell
Team : Collodel4x4
Pilot : Lorenzo Codecà
Co-pilot : Bruno Fedullo
Car : Suzuki Grand Vitara V6
Team : Emmetre Racing
Pilot : Mauro Vagaggini
Co-pilot : Manuela Perissinotti
Car : Yamaha YXZ1000 r
Team : Nord Est Idee asd


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