Italian Baja 2019

Przygonski starts and leads the race

The 26thedition of the Italian Baja started with a confirmation. Once more there is the Pole Jakub Przygonski ahead on all other challengers together with the German Timo Gottschalk, with the Mini John Cooper Works which got the best time of 8’34’’6 along the “Murlis” super special stage of 12 km.


It is clear the high performance of the X-Raid team vehicles, as the Argentinian Orlando Terranova, who faced the track for his very first time, signed the time of 9’10’’4, with a gap of 35’’8 after “Kuba”, and a gap of 40”3 ahead on the Czech Martin Prokop, who gained the third position with his Ford Raptor. Same distance (54’’2) for the Russian Vladimir Vasilyev and the Lithuanian Benediktas Vanagas with Toyota Hilux.


Leader of the Italian challengers Lorenzo Codecà, driving the Suzuki Grand Vitara of Emmetre Racing, who seized the ninth position in the overall rank with a gap of just 3’’6 ahead on Elvis Borsoi and his Mini All 4 Racing. Not an explosive start for Amerigo Ventura with his Quaddy Yamaha, over 2’ far away from the first position, while the drivers from Pordenone Andrea Tomasini (Toyota Toyodell) and Federico Crozzolo (other Grand Vitara) preferred not to exagerate during the first part of the track.


VINTAGE EMOTIONS. It was really hot yesterday at thePordenone Fair when the Italian Baja started, a burning asphalt and incandescent cockpits few minutrse before the official start. Crews and staff anyway shared the same enthusiasm, when the convoy was ready to start for  “a unique race, beautiful and uncontrollable” in the opinion of the expert Maurizio Traglio. The patron of Tecnosport, back to face a race after a five years break and hundreds off-raod adventures  all around the World, recalled the beginning in 1993 with the victory signed by Edi Orioli with Mercedes Te 600, one Project vehicle belonging to his team.


BORSOI SPECTATOR. It was not the “Tzar” Boris Gadasin from St. Petersburg to drive the black and orange G-Force Bars this time, but the pilot from Moscow Andrey Novikov. He came back to Pordenone, anyway, as team manager, warmly welcome among the unforgettable memories of his victories at the Italian Baja in 2007, 2009 and 2011.


TODAY. The program will offer three laps on the “Barbeano” Selective Section of 79,43 km (start at 8am, 12pm, 4pm) from Spilimbergo to reach Morsano al Tagliamento and then back up to Dignano. After each section, the convoy will come back to the Fair for the mechanical assistance. After a general cleaning, the time control at the Gran Fiume shopping centre, then transfer to Maron di Brugnera for a regrouping at 8pm with ceremony of presentation of all participant crews.


TOMORROW. Two laps on the “Gradisca” Selective Section of 80,15 km (start at 9:10am and 11am) in the opposite direction of the one followed on Saturday, with start from Dignano, down to Morsano and climbing up until Spilimbergo. World Cup cars will be regrouped in piazza I Maggio in Spilimbergo between the two sections as by a “marathon” formula, without mechanical assistance. Cars taking part in the National race will be part of the game just during last lap. At the end, everybody back to the Fair for the Prize Giving Ceremony, starting at 2:30pm.

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