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Italian Baja 2021 starts its engines

Pordenone, 9th September 2021_ Like going back to school. Emotions and suggestions of the Italian Baja that faces from today to Saturday three days of exams at the Interporto of Pordenone, headquarters of a race projected on the shores of Meduna, Cosa and Tagliamento. More than two years ago the Argentinian Orlando Terranova triumphed at the Fair and now the engines of the Cross Country Bajas World Cup are finally turning on again with drivers and navigators from 21 nations and 3 continents, a crossroads of wheels that includes the destinies of the Fia Bajas European Cup and of the two Acisport tricolour events, the Italian Cross Country Rally Championship and the Ssv Baja Sprint Championship.



TODAY'S PROGRAM. This morning at the Interporto there is a feverish activity for the technical checks of the vehicles and the distribution of the materials. At 11 am the pre-race press conference live on social networks; in the evening at 10 pm the briefing with the crews and the distribution of the road book that will lift the veil on the route.



TOMORROW. Five selective sectors to complete for a total of almost 360 km timed. After tomorrow morning's shakedown (from 8:30 to 10:30), a test to try out the available vehicles, at 13:30 the start of the first competitor in the Pasch area in Cordenons: SS1 "Meduna" (7.55 km) with exit in Zoppola, which will give the first classification and will decree the order of choice for the first ten finishers in the ceremony (15:00) for the assignment of the restart numbers from SS2 "Dignano" (74.94) with start at 17 and exit in Spilimbergo. Those who start in front will have the advantage of a track still not ruined by ruts.


CURIOSITY. In the official times and distances table there is no SS3 originally planned when it seemed possible to run a "special stage" at Interporto. The decision to asphalt a relevant part of the dirt area on which the track had been designed, forced the Fuoristrada Club 4x4 to abort the idea of a show trial, especially considering the restrictions still in force regarding the visibility to the public.


SATURDAY. Significant novelty of the route, with the same selective sector to be completed three times and divided into two parts by a neutralization area to allow the union of off-road portions. So the "Pasch" fraction of 12.40 km will be followed by "Dignano" of 79.91 km, with start at 8, 12 and 16. Arrival at the Interporto and prize-giving ceremonies from 20:00.


BIG AND COUNTER-BIG. All the top crews of the various championships are present at the Italian Baja. The outrider is the Saudi Yasir Seaidan, at the top of the World Cup ranking, with a Mini John Cooper Works Rally. To follow in order the compatriot Yazeed Al Rajhi on Toyota Hilux Overdrive and the Polish Krzysztof Holowczyc with another Mini X-Raid. Italian Ccr with Sergio Galletti (Toyota) and Lorenzo Codecà (Suzuki) the main antagonists, while in the Italian Ssv the duel is between Elvis Borsoi (Can-Am) and Alessandro Tinaburri (Yamaha).


LIVE. On the social networks it will be possible to follow the press conferences with the drivers, today at 11 am and Saturday at 9 pm, but also the evening broadcasts - also on air on the Sky platform channel 228 Acisport - of 30' with video services and interviews: Thursday and Friday at 7:30 pm, Saturday at 7:30 pm. 


Carlo Ragogna

Press Office Italian Baja


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