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Italian Baja 2021, stop waiting

One, two, three, four, five races in one and even more! The Italian Baja starting today from the Pordenone Freight Village put together the destinies of the World Cup for Cross Country Bajas, the Italian Championship for Cross Country Rally and the Baja Sprint SSV, with all the trophies related to the specific vehicles, from prototypes to the derived ones.
Great emotions, super show, right tension inside the cockpits: the crews must finish 5 selective sectors for a total of almost 360 km. This afternoon at 1.30pm the start at the Pasch area in Cordenons for the SS1 “Meduna” (7,55 km) with finish line in Zoppola; then at 5pm the SS2 “Dignano” of 74,94 km with arrival in Spilimbergo.


TECHNICAL REASONS. Almost 50 competitors coming from 21 Nations and 3 continents: an International race of very high level. At the Italian Baja a fight is expected among the first seven in the World ranking, led by the Saudi Yasir Seaidan with Mini Cooper who got 99 scores. He will be strictly followed by his compatriot Yazeed Al Rajhi with a Toyota Hilux Overdrive, with a gap of 16,5, and by Krzysztof Holowczyc, who is third with 54 scores. The Pole driver with Mini won last two Baja races in August (Hungary and Poland)and already declared to be intentioned to drive at the maximum speed as he aims to do his best in Portugal and win the championship. Seaidan cannot only defend his position, but he will be able to study his challengers without loosing his rhythm. Al Rajhi (2014) and Holowczyc (2010) already won the Italian Baja, gaining an important experience in driving along the riverbeds which characterized the region Friuli and in particular the area of the Tagliamento river. As for the Italian championships – Ccr and SSV – the Italian Baja is valid for the third last and second to last rounds. Today’s Leg of coefficient 3, tomorrow 2, for the possibility of totally 125 scores. Among the off road vehicles, the leader is Sergio Galletti with Toyota Hilux with a gap of 73 ahead on the champion in charge Lorenzo Codecà, navigated by Mauro Toffoli from Pordenone (Suzuki New Grand Vitara), with the only possible strategy to immediately attack, while the leader need just to keep his advantage.
Among SSV, the pilot from Treviso Elvis Borsoi easily leads the race with Can Am Maverick. His main challenger, Alessandro Tinaburri (Yamaha Quaddy), renounced the race for personal reasons.


LOCAL DRIVERS. In the World race Federico Crozzolo, together with Paolo Pasian with the second official Suzuki. Great expectation in the Italian Championship for the couple composed by Andrea Tomasini and Angelo Mirolo, with Isuzu. Among SSV, the pilot from Cordenons Mirko Brun will navigate Amerigo Ventura with Yamaha Yxz1000r, trying to obstacle Borsoi. With a Daihatsu Rocky then, Andrea Debbi, navigated by Chiara Zoppellaro.


PROGRAM AND LIVE Tomorrow the second decisive Leg. Important news about the track, with the same Selective Sector to be finished three times, divided in two parts by a neutral area, to link two off road sectors. The “Pasch” sector of 12.40km will be followed by the “Dignano” one, of 79,91 km, with start at 8am, 12pm and 4pm. Arrival at the Freight Village with Prize Giving Ceremony from 8pm. The Italian Baja social channels will propose the evening transmissions of 30’ with an offer of filmed services and interviews: on Thursday and Friday at 7.30pm, on Saturday at 7pm. The same will be transmitted also on the Sky channel 228 Acisport .

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