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25th Italian Baja today the prologue

25th Italian Baja, today the prologue along the Meduna river. Start at 5pm fot the opening Super Special Stage “Pasch”


When everything started (1993), nobody would have really bet on something that looked so uncertain for the Fuoristrada Club 4×4 Pordenone. Just 13 crews at the starting line, but the victory signed by Edi Orioli could guarantee a great future. In fact the Italian Baja became at once a World Cup Tout Terrain race and yesterday evening celebrated its 25th edition with a sumptuous galadinner at the Fair, followed by the virtual start enjoyed both by authorities and guests.


From today to Sunday competitors have to hardly fight. This morning from 10am to 12pm challengers will face the shake-down at the “Valvadrom” of Valvasone. In the afternoon the start will be given at 3.30pm at the Fair and theSuper Special Stage “Pasch” will be disputed along a 8,12, km track along the Meduna river from Cordenons (ex heliotherapy camp area) to Zoppola (fish hatchery area).


Tomorrow 3 laps will be contended on the Selective Sector “Valvadrom”, 86,85 km long, from Valvasone to San Lorenzo di Arzene (start at 8am, 12pm, 4pm). On Sunday the 87,41 km Selective Sector “San Lorenzo” will be tackled from San Lorenzo di Arzene to Valvasone (start 8am.30, 12pm).

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