Italian Baja 2018

25th Italian Baja, 3 Continents, 23 Nations. Everything is ready for the sixth round of the FIA World Cup

This is the most important week for the Fuoristrada Club 4×4 Pordenone, which organizes three of the six races of the Italian Championship for Cross Country Rally. Because the Italian Baja, which will be disputed from Thursday to Sunday, represents the sixth round of the FIA World Cup 2018 and the 25th edition of a glorious history started in 1993, when the Maastricht Treaty became effective.




WITHOUT ANY BORDER. It was born in a Europe without any border, certainly always ready to welcome the Italian Baja. Competitors have been coming from all over the World to face the challenge along the Cellina-Meduna and then Meduna, Cosa and Tagliamento riverbeds. It deals on pilots and navigators coming from all five Continents, as during last years entries have been also sent from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.



WORLD CUP CHALLENGE. This year the race is represented by 23 Nations, including of course Italy with its 24 drivers, totally 52 challengers coming from Europe, Asia and South America. The first three crews at the starting line are also the leading crews in the temporary World Cup rank: Jakub Przygonski-Tom Colsoul (Mini John Cooper Works Rally) ahead on Vladimir Vasilyev-Konstantin Zhiltsov (Mini Cooper Countryman) and Martin Prokop-Jan Tomanek (Ford F-150 Evo).



ITALIAN PROUD. The most qualified stranger specialists also dispose on the most performing vehicles, but Italian drivers are ready to hardly fight along each Selective Sector. The champion in charge Elvis Borsoi (Mini One) and the multi champion Lorenzo Codecà (Suzuki Grand Vitara 6V) will re-propose their duel, while Borsoi is now seizing just the fifth position in the temporary rank, because of his K.O. suffered at the Baja Terre di Gallura. The driver from Pordenone Andrea Tomasini (Suzuki Gran Vitara), used to play gooseberry, will now play the main role.



LIGHT CROSSING. Even 7 participants in the T3 class, light four-wheels vehicles, including the first string Nicolò Algarotti and the very young ambitious Alessandro Altoè (both of them with Yamaha Yxz 1000R) incited by the contest with José Luis Pena Campo (Polaris razor 1000) World Cup leader ahead on Santiago Navarro (Yamaha), Vincent Gonzales (Polaris), Graham Knight (Yamaha) and Zoltan Garamvolgyi.



T2 AND CHALLENGE. The National T2 and the Suzuki Challenge, now at its 19th edition, will cross their destinies. Derived vehicles are sometimes able to compete with prototypes, as demonstrated by the driver from Rome Claudio Petrucci, who crossed the arrival line of the Sardinia race just behind Codecà. Near his Suzuki Ddis and the ones of Alfio Bordonaro, Andrea Alfano, Giuseppe Ananasso and Marino Gambazza Chinti, there is the Mitsubishi Pajero driven by Alessandro Trivini Bellini.



SIDE BY SIDE. World Cup challenge this year also for TM1 (protoypes) and TM2 (production) vehicles, led by Amerigo Ventura (Quaddy Yamaha), thanks to his victories gained both at the Spring Italian Baja and the Baja Terre di Gallura. At the Italian Baja the biker from Turin will try to contain the ambitions of Lorenzo Traglio (Polaris Tecnosport), Fabrizio Edoardo Pietranera (Can-Am Maverick), Christian Mazzer and the French Pierre Francois Bardotti (both with Quaddy Yamaha).



MUSCLES AND ENDURANCE. The Ultra4 of Pier Acerni (Ace Jimmy’s Scarlett 79) has its debut at the Italian Baja, as well as the new TX class. Among expired approvals (TH), the challenge will be disputed by Mauro Cantarello (Isuzu), Francesco Ceschin (Nissan), Francesco Giocoli (Range Rover) and Marco Gaglianone (Suzuki), who will confront with the Polish crews.



Absolute rankings

Ranking Italian Baja 2018 (pdf)



Pilot : Jakub Przygonski
Co-pilot : Tom Consoul
Car : Mini John Cooper Opera Rally
Team : Orlen Team X-Raid
Pilot : Martin Prokop
Co-pilot : Jan Tomanek
Car : Ford F150 Evo
Team : MP Sports
Pilot : Miroslav Zapletal
Co-pilot : Marek Sykora
Car : Ford F150 Evo
Team : Offroad Sport
Pilot : Amerigo Ventura
Co-pilot : Icaro Ventura
Car : Yamaha YZX 1000
Team : Yamaha Quaddy Team
Pilot : Andrea Alfano
Co-pilot : Carmen Marsiglia
Car : Grand Vitara 1.9 DDiS T2
Team : Team Ramingo 4x4
Pilot : Mariusz Wiatr
Co-pilot : Lukasz Laskawiec
Car : Mitsubishi L200
Team : SAM MRT


E’ una lunga vigilia di Primavera
C’è una Mini auto con ambizione maxi
Garces Hernan
wang xiang
Borsoi Elvis
José Luis Pena Campo
Wiatr Laskawiec
Wiatr Laskawiec
Wiatr Laskawiec
Alfano Marsiglia
Alfano Marsiglia
Zapletal Sykora
Prokop Tomanek
Prokop Tomanek
Prokop Tomanek
Przygonski Consoul
Przygonski Consoul
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