Artugna Race, Codecà's ambitions intact

12 March 2024

Pordenone, 12 March 2024_ Now that the list of entries has just been published, one can imagine the curiosity of scrutinizing the names, evaluating the credentials, hypothesizing performance and returns on the off-road vehicle market in the Cross Country Baja and Side by Side Vehicles versions.


We are now almost on the eve of the Italian Baja di Primavera Artugna Race (15/16 March) and the numbers are showing: 37 competitors registered in total are a very positive figure, a dozen more than last year just to be happy. Pordenone confirms itself as the capital and fulcrum of the specialty with the passionate work of the Fuoristrada Club 4x4 which continues to enhance the prerogatives of the territory.


Within this challenge it is truly pleasing to find the new entry of R5/N5 rally cars and welcome the return to racing of Sergio Galletti first in 2021 and Andrea Alfano in 2022, without neglecting Manuele Mengozzi winner 2023 and the reigning two-time champion Alfio Bordonaro.


But Lorenzo Codecà deserves special attention because, despite the eleven championships and a board full of trophies, he remains as hungry as a rookie. The driver from Lombardia, navigated by Gilberto Menetti from Emilia, will be at the start with the long wheelbase Suzuki Grand Vitara 3.6, the very same vehicle with which he won the titles from 2010 to 2013. Last year some electronics problems limited his efficiency. Now everything seems fine (please) and Codecà can't wait to grab the steering wheel and press his foot on the accelerator. Shining example of grit and determination.


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