06 February 2023

Artugna Race 2023, enrollments open from today

The Italian Baja di Primavera on the dirt roads of the Pordenone foothills


Pordenone, 7 February 2023 _ Who will be the first to send the fateful form to the race secretariat? From today it is possible to register for the 13th Italian Baja di Primavera – Artugna Race (March 10-11) and the official countdown for the Italian Cross Country and SSV 2023 Championship has begun. Organization by the Fuoristrada Club 4x4 Pordenone and confirmed headquarters of the race at the Interporto Centro Ingrosso of Pordenone on the banks of the Noncello, tangent to the A28 motorway link from Portogruaro to Conegliano.

Obviously top secret route up to the delivery of the road book just before the start, but a track that will unfold in the piedmont countryside between the municipalities of Fontanafredda, Polcenigo, Budoia and Aviano, capable of enhancing the speed qualities of the vehicles and the technical skills of pilots and navigators.

Crews and teams will have a month to resolve their reservations on competitive commitments, while just three days ago, between Friday 3 and Saturday 4 February, the 2022 year ended with the awards of the Aci Championships at the Palladio theater in Vicenza. Right here to recall the best of last season, with the hope that the new one will also be hard-fought and spectacular throughout the calendar events.


CCR drivers overall classification: 1. Alfio Bordonaro, 356 pts; 2. Alessandro Trivini Bellini, 349; 3. Andrea Alfano, 294.

Group T1 standings: 1. Andrea Alfano, 318 pts; 2. Alfio Bordonaro, 289; 3. Emilio Ferroni, 245.

Group T2 standings: 1. Alessandro Trivini Bellini, 442 pts; 2. Mauro Cantarello, 410; 3. Andrea Luchini, 363.


SSV drivers overall classification: 1. Amerigo Ventura, 525 pts; 2. Valentino Rocco, 372; 3. Alessandro Bonetto, 250.

Group T4 standings: 1. Amerigo Ventura, 420 pts; 2. Valentino Rocco, 393; 3. Jean Claude Vallino, 87.

TM Group classification – Italy Trophy: 1. Michele Manocchi, 289 pts; 2. Mauro Vagaggini, 160; 3. Edoardo Delucchi, 120.

(Source Acisport)

Carlo Ragogna Press Office Italian Baja

Attached photo Gianna Vardanega

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