ARTUGNA RACE, The emotion in silence

04 March 2023

The dozer will be the Italian Borsoi champion behind the wheel of a 100 % electric SSV

"The new frontier is already here and we accept the challenge with great passion"

Pordenone, March 4, 2023_ next Saturday will begin without making noise, as for a sort of dutiful compared to all the bad things of the world and homage to the new frontier of mobility.


The Race 2023 - 13th Italian Baja di Primavera chose the former Italian champion Elvis Borsoi as a forerunner, behind the wheel of an unprecedented mandrill M -Tlat, Side by side 100 % electrical German manufacture, on which the team mechanics Collodel 4x4 are making the appropriate adaptations for their pilot.


"We coined a slogan," the emotion in silence ", which contains all the meaning of our choice. The new frontier is already here and we accept the challenge with passion ".


So Borsoi, the only pilot of the tricolor off -road vehicle to be able to boast both the Scudetto of the Cross Country (2017 on Toyota Toyodell) and the SSV one (2021 on Can Am Maverick). The long -haul goal is the Dakar 2025 sailed by his friend and in the door Stefano Pelloni, bringing the first electric SSV to the way to the most famous raid in the world. But in the meantime, in a week, it will be at the starting lines of the Artugna Race, exhibiting a 800 kg and 125 HP Mandrill prototype, 98 kg of torque, 300 km of autonomy, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 'seconds, limiter a 125 km/h. Because it is good to exhibit a lot of power (consider that the most advanced Mandrill will have 200 HP with acceleration from 0 to 100 km in 2.3 ''), but it is also necessary to dominate it on the dirt roads of the foothills.


"Release the button and stops immediately, then crops and starts attacking you to the seat", underlines the Treviso driver: "zero noise, zero pollution, pure fun respecting the environment".


The Italian Baja thanks, this is a further step forward towards a horizon still little explored, but full of electrifying promises.


Carlo Ragogna press office Italian Baja

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