Nasser Al Attiyah’s return at the Italian Baja

24 June 2023

Pordenone, 24 June 2023_ He kept on the edge of their seats the entire Fuoristrada Club 4x4 Pordenone. Because Nasser Al Attiyah already months ago booked his Italian Baja 2023, but the long list of sporting events that see him involved could not assure his presence. But now it’s official: the defending world champion, five times Dakar winner, will be on the riverbeds of Meduna, Cosa e Tagliamento, chasing his fourth friulian seal after his victories in 2008, 2015 and 2016. And to have him at the start of the 30th edition is the cherry on top, the crowning of a memorable story.


I really wanted to come back to the Italian Baja because I’ve many memories on this track and I’ve built a sincere friendship with Mauro over the years”.


Words pronounced at the phone that made blush the competition’s deus ex machina. Who, of course, had the brilliant idea to put up for grabs a special trophy, a “ Rimet Cup '' for the new millennium Italian Baja dedicated to all those who’ve been able to win four editions.


Record so far prerogative of French Pierre Lartigue (1994-1997) only, but gained in the “tout terrain” saga at the steering wheel of an undefeatable Citroen Zx Rally Raid. Al Attiyah, in the role of favorite, will have Yazeed Al Rajhi as his amazing contestant, both on Toyota Hilux, with the Saudi having already won in 2014, 2021 e 2022. The real pity is not being able to count on the third wheel, Borid Gadasin, although his three victories (2007, 2009, 2011) are already quite dated. The “Czar”, in case of a return, will be celebrated as he deserves.


Carlo Ragogna

press office Italian Baja


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