Italian Baja, there will be a "mystery" to solve

30 June 2023

Pordenone, 30 June 2023_ Among the many reasons for interest of the Italian Baja 2023 which is about to take place from 6 to 9 July, there is a special one that concerns a "mystery" to be solved.

Who will arrive later in the standings in the Italian and world championship context between the Suzuki New Grand Vitara of the reigning champion Alfio Bordonaro, flanked by Stefano Lovisa, and that of the champion Lorenzo Codecà, with Mauro Toffoli on the right seat.


Same 3600cc 6-cylinder engine under the bonnet, but with a specific difference and a particular history that deserves a mention. Last year, Bordonaro from Catania bought the "ex Codecà", a short wheelbase 3-door model, to finally go on to win his first overall title, while previously the car had boasted 10 of the 11 championships obtained by the driver. Who, after a season as a tester on the Suzuki Jimny, this year bought the "sister" Vitara with 5 doors and long wheelbase to go back to fighting at the top of the specialty. Not an easy task, given and considering that the pilots who have ridden it previously had to settle for backup positions. None, however, with the grit and experience of Codecà, ready for the umpteenth exam of Italian Baja. There will also be a duel between the navigators from Pordenone, Lovisa and Toffoli, stoking the passion of their respective fans

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