Italian Baja, coefficient four!

22 June 2023

Pordenone, 22th June 2023_ Two weeks from the four Italian Baja 2023’s days, from Thursday the 6th to Sunday the 9th of July. Four like the coefficient of this race, organized by the Fuoristrada Club 4x4 Pordenone, that will quadruple the points gained from the Cross Country and Ssv Italian Cup contestants. All this importance is due to the pairing with the Fia Baja World Cup’s stage and the participation of the best international specialists, but the tricolor challenge will conclude Saturday in the evening with the award ceremony at the Interporto, while the World Cup disputation will continue until sunday morning with the last two selective sectors.


Enrollments are closing today, so there is still some time for those running late, especially for the crews returning from the Rally Greece Off Road that last week really challenged the vehicles on the dirt roads north of Thessaloniki. Among them also Cross Country’s leader Manuele Mengozzi, together with his wife Erica Bombardini on a Toyota Hilux Overdrive, in great shape after the hellenic success which repeats that of the beginning of the season at the Artugna race - Spring Italian Baja. The most titolate contestants, Lorenzo Codecà (11 badges) e Alfio Bordonaro (defending champion) with co drivers Mauro Toffoli e Stefano Lovisa from Pordenone, both on the steering wheel of a Suzuki New Grand Vitara, will try to limit Romagnoli’s ambitions.


The situation around the Ssv sector is extremely fluid, with Amerigo Ventura and Mirko Brun having a chip on their shoulder: they were first in Greece until the technical irregularity. So the winners at Argos Orestiko were Elvis Borsoi and Alberto Marcon, ahead of Nicola Collodel and Elisa Tassile, both the crews on a BRP Can Am Maverick. Third place for Andrea Tomasini and Angelo Mirolo from Pordenone - they’re familiarizing with the Quaddy Yamaha and will now find, here at the Italian Baja, some proud opponents: not only Ventura-Brun, but also their teammates Valentino Rocco, Alessandro Bonetto and Anna Gamenara, the loose cannon Mauro Vagaggini e Manuela Perissinotti, that have had some great placements in the past, and, to conclude, father and daughter, Michele e Giada Manocchi.


Carlo Ragogna Press Office Italian Baja

Photo AciSport

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