The ARTUGNA RACE also puts the TH Group back on the track

24 February 2023

The old guard who never gives up, a mixture of passion and nostalgia


Pordenone, February 25, 2023 _ Exactly two weeks at the 13th Italian Baja di Primavera, third consecutive time of the Artugna Race which will run on Saturday 11 March on the dirt roads of the Pordenone foothills among  Fontanafredda, Polcenigo, Budoia and Aviano.

First act for the Italian Cross Country and SSV 2023 championship, important for evaluating the state of health of the specialty and thinking in perspective at the subsequent appointments on the calendar, with the highlight of the Italian Baja of the World Cup from 6 to 9 July.


From the tam tam Inscriptions filters a renewed deployment of means of the TH Group, which are defined a little reverse by the sector regulation, that is, for what they are not: "vehicles not falling within the previous groups", or T1 (prototypes), T2 (series), T3, light), T4 (improved). In general, these are vehicles with technical passport, even expired, which can demonstrate the competitive past or the origin from various trophies. Therefore they are the expression of an old guard who never gives up, a mixture of passion and nostalgia capable of regenerating as soon as spring blossoms.


The Italian Trophy is dedicated to them which in the last five years has rewarded Gianluca Morra, Jacek Sobon, Samuele Lelli, Simone Grossi and Giovanni Farina in succession, the latter even twice second. According to rumors, Morra, Lelli and Farina are ready to challenge each other again, probably crossing the wheels of Paolo Cau and perhaps of other historical rivals that - you can be sure - are taking care of your off -road dedication with maniacal dedication before leaving it out of the garage.


Carlo Ragogna Press Office Italian Baja

In the photo Samuele Lelli-Gilberto Menetti (foto Acisport)

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