Baja and Freight Village get married

10 February 2021

Baja and Freight Village get married
Pascolo: "Unity of intent, working for the development and the promotion of the territory "


Pordenone, 10th February 2021_ The main reason why the Italian Baja since several years has been getting one of the highest Fia score among the Cross Country World Cup races is the logistic organization of the race, that's to say the incoming and service structure which supports the competition, considered by observers as an optimal one.


Taking this as read, the co-operation agreement between the Fuoristrada Club 4x4 and the Pordenone Freight Village is the "logic consequence of that unity of intent which represents a real bond, working together for the development and the promotion of the territory", affirms the President of the Freight Village Silvano Pascolo.


As for 2021, both in March (19/21) with the renewed edition of the Spring race and in September (10/12) for the World Cup date, the competition will be located by the Pordenone Wholesale Centre, giving it even more visibility.


Carlo Ragogna Italian Baja Press Office

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