R-Team back home, in Italy

16 February 2021

After spending years all around the World Renato Rickler re-embraces the Italian flag

February 16th, 2021_Entries open today for the Italian Baja 2020 International, first leg of the Cross Country Italian Championship, which will take place in March, from 19th to 21st. The name has been chosen on purpose by the Fuoristrada Club 4x4 Pordenone to symbolize the conjunction between a critical year and a relaunching Season deeply supported by the Federation. The first immediate positive signal is the announcement of the return to Italy of Renato Rickler and his R-Team from Massarosa, near Lucca, after being absent since a long time from Italian challenges.


(in the picture Emma Gilmour-Sandra Labuscagne, Italian Baja 2016, equipaggio R-Team RalliArt)

Carlo Ragogna - Ufficio stampa Italian Baja

Other news of the edition Italian Baja 2021

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