Suzuki presents the Suzuki Challenge 2022 and lays the foundation for the future

03 February 2022

03 February 2022_The Suzuki Challenge trophy, in which the competitive and adventurous spirit of the Hamamatsu manufacturer finds expression, reaches its 23rd edition and is renewed by adopting a new formula. This year the competitors will be able to participate in the championship with any off-road Suzuki in the T1, T1 national, T2 and TH versions. The Suzuki Challenge will be developed over six races, the same as the 2022 Italian Cross Country Rally Championship, and will offer a rich prize pool. After a long sequence of triumphs, in 2022 the Hamamatsu manufacturer will give up competing with an Official Team for the tricolor title, concentrating its efforts on developing a Jimny in T2 configuration.



A new regulation that allows for a wider variety of models, magnificent courses, competitions organized in a professional way, affordable costs and a rich prize pool. These are the elements that make the Suzuki Challenge the most exciting and interesting series of the Italian off-road scene for 2022, as well as the ideal context to give free rein to the passion for off-road racing.


An opportunity for everyone
Suzuki and the organizer Emmetre Racing have studied a new formula for the Suzuki Challenge 2022, capable of attracting a greater number of competitors and making the historic trophy more exciting than ever. The single-make championship, now in its 23rd edition, will allow this year to line up at the start with any off-road Suzuki, of any vintage and with the most disparate types of homologation.

To the delight of the public and the pleasure of the riders, Samurai, Jimny, Vitara and Grand Vitara of the T1, T1 national, T2 and TH groups will be able to participate in the Suzuki Challenge 2022. The rankings of the trophy will be drawn up by applying specific coefficients for the most performing prototypes and for the simplified ones, as well as for the cars strictly derived from the series and for the racing cars with the oldest homologations.

In this way, even those who drive a car that is less performing, or older or more experienced, but always efficient, will be able to test themselves, see their skills rewarded and have fun in prestigious races.


A trophy in six acts
The tests of the Suzuki Challenge will be the same as the 2022 Italian Cross Country Rally Championship. This format will guarantee participants to always compete on extraordinary, technical and very challenging tracks, carefully set up by a professional organization. The Suzuki Challenge 2022 will be divided into six races, from which however seven results will arise. For the purposes of the Challenge ranking, the Italian Baja Internazionale will in fact be considered divided into two stages, each with its own ranking. Some of these races will be of international level and will give those taking part in the Challenge the opportunity to compete with the best foreign crews.

The final classification will be drawn up taking into account the five best results of each competitor, who will then have the opportunity to make two discards.


The Suzuki Challenge 2022 calendar

11-13 March - Italian Baja di Primavera (PN)
May 13-15 - Baja Rally Adriatico (MC)
May 26-29 - Greek Baja (Greece)
7-10 July - Italian Baja 1st stage (PN)
7-10 July - Italian Baja 2nd stage (PN)
17-18 September Baja Vermentino Terre di Gallura (OT)
13-15 October - Baja Valtiberina Crete Senesi (AR)


Affordable costs
The Suzuki Challenge has always allowed Suzuki sporting customers to vent their passion for off-road at a low cost and the 2022 edition keeps this promise.
As for participants with T1, national T1, T2 and TH cars with engines of different origins over 1600 cc, the registration fee for drivers already registered in one of the previous editions is 500 Euros + VAT, which becomes 1,000 + VAT for new members.
Competitors wishing to participate with a TH car with a Suzuki engine up to 1600 cc must instead pay 250 Euros + VAT.
The amount includes a kit of stickers to be applied to the car and a personalized Suzuki sweatshirt / jacket, to which is added - only for beginners who pay 1000 Euros + VAT - a HRX fireproof suit with Suzuki colors and logos.
All members of the championship can also take advantage of a discount of up to 20% on the purchase of original spare parts at the dealer or authorized workshop of trust.


A rich prize pool
In the Challenge 2022 Suzuki is giving away cash prizes for a total of 30,000 Euros. This figure will be shared by the first six of the general classification, which will go in order of 10,000, 6,000, 4,000, 3,000, 2,000 and 1,000 Euros.
Two prizes of 2,000 euros each are then foreseen for the winners of the Suzuki TH classes up to 1,600 cc and Suzuki T2 Diesel. Should a Suzuki rider then win the overall title of the 2022 Italian Cross Country Rally Championship, the Hamamatsu manufacturer would award him an additional prize of 10,000 Euros.


A commitment for the future
Suzuki has chosen to give up officially competing for the 2022 national title, leaving private riders with the task of defending its colors in the Championship. After winning the 14th consecutive Constructors' title in the Cross Country Rally in 2021, the Hamamatsu manufacturer has decided to focus on a new project. This year, energy and resources will be dedicated to the creation of a kit to set up the Jimny in T2 configuration, a preparation that will then be offered to sports customers to race in the Suzuki Challenge 2023.
The development of the kit will be entrusted to the expert Lorenzo Codecà, the driver who has previously won 10 overall titles in the Italian Championship at the wheel of the Grand Vitara 3600. The Suzuki rider will whip the Jimny in the race and will test those components that are useful for making the car competitive and performing to enhance its great reliability.


(Press Release SUZUKI ITALIA SpA)

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