Artugna Race: rumors, skirmishes, securities.

28 February 2022

Italian Cross Country Baja and Ssv Championship is starting to take action and the Pordenone Interport is preparing the Spring Festival


March 1, 2021_ What is about to begin is a season of profound changes for the Italian Cross Country Baja Championship and the Italian Ssv Championship. Regulatory changes, calendar and appointments, of protagonists.


The Italian Baja di Primavera in Artugna Race format (11/12 March) will be a first litmus test to verify the state of the art of the off-road specialty, net of the obvious uncertainties related to the general situation that requires some rethinking of the program, of sponsors, of horizons. Meanwhile, a virtual medal was won by Giovanni Farina, the first to enter the Artugna Race with a TH-Class Suzuki Vitara, the expired homologations which, however, still have a lot to tell in competitive terms. Voices and skirmishes alternate with the current securities of the double italian championship.


Amerigo Ventura's presence in the SSV sector is confirmed (with his co-driver Mirko Brun), as well as Valentino Rocco, the Tinaburri team and the Montico team in extra-large version, the longed-for return of Mauro Vagaggini and other interpreters of light tubulars. As for the Cross country baja, the major maneuvers concern above all the national T2, vehicles derived from the series that allow a wider participation than the T1 prototypes reserved for a limited range of specialists with important resources. Alfio Bordonaro is expected from Sicily, Claudio Petrucci from Lazio, Andrea Luchini from Tuscany, Andrea Alfano from Lombardy, to speak of a group that unites and brings together the country under the common passion of off-road vehicles.


The most tempting news of 2022 is the Suzuki Challenge open to any vehicle category and equipped with a rich jackpot. Furthermore, Emmetre Racing, the sports arm of the Hamamatsu manufacturer in Italy, after winning 14 consecutive constructors' titles and 10 championships, has decided to focus on a new project, the creation of a kit for the Suzuki Jimny in the T2 version, commiting the multi-champion Lorenzo Codecà tests in the race. And we are curious to see what means will be fielded by other teams like those of Lorenzo Cenzi and Claudio Trebbi. We are now on the finishing straight, the Pordenone Interport is ready to welcome the Artugna Race, id est the Italian Baja di Primavera.


Carlo Ragogna Press Office Italian Baja

Photo Carmelo Capone

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