The 4x4 Explorer drops a poker on the Artugna

05 March 2022

Pagani, Semeraro and Seno are added to the flashing registration of Farina


5 March 2022 _ A couple of more days to register for the Artugna Race - Italian Baja di Primavera, which will be staged next Saturday 12 March on the dirt roads of the Pordenone foothills, between Aviano, Budoia, Polcenigo and Fontanafredda. There is a lot of excitement in the historic strongholds of national off-road vehicles and from Gradara, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, a set of vehicles from the 4x4 Explorer team of Claudio Trebbi and Stefano Galeazzi will arrive in Pordenone. To the lightning registration of Giovanni Farina from Marche with a Suzuki Vitara of the TH Group (vehicles with expired homologation) were added those of Filippo Pagani on Nissan Patrol Carbonio, Paolo Semeraro on Nissan Patrol powered by Pajero Did, and Gabriele Seno with Fiat Pandakar. Too bad for a regular like Antonio Rossi, forced to give up due to a back pain that is not giving him respite. Pagani, sailed for the occasion by his son Attilio Maurizio, will have at his disposal the Patrol that last year obtained the 7th overall in the historic Dakar. The Artugna Race, on the other hand, is a one-off challenge for Semeraro, a track engineer who has very few weekends to get behind the wheel.




We are always there” Trebbi points out, remembering a not so distant past as a driver and now sighing for a team manager role that forces him to the pits. In the 2022 program of the 4x4 Explorer there is not only the Italian Championship, but also the European Championship.


Carlo Ragogna press office Italian Baja

Ph M. Zuin e V. Da Parè 

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