Artugna Race – 12° Italian Baja di Primavera

24 January 2022

An appointment to start believing again
The Italian Spring Baja will be the Artugna Race.


January 25, 2022_ Where did we remain? At the Italian Baja last September: Sergio Galletti's double seal and deserved triumph in the tricolor Cross country rally; squares of honor for Elvis Borsoi and conquest of the SSV title, the first driver to also win the championship of light tubulars after the 2017 CCR. Season ended prematurely and not without controversy, behind the scenes and over the top.

But now it's time to look ahead, to make an appointment to start believing again. In a month and a half, the hour of the Artugna Race, the Italian Baja di Primavera based at the Pordenone Interport and tracked on the countryside of the foothills, will come, with some changes compared to 2021 to give further motivations and content to the challenge.

The details of the race organized by the Fuoristrada Club 4x4 Pordenone will arrive soon, the opening of registrations is set for Friday 11 February, while the teams are completing preparations for the competitive opening.


The novelties of 2022 are contained in a calendar of 6 races valid for both the Italian Cross Country Baja Drivers and Constructors Championship, and the Italian SSV Drivers and Constructors Championship.


It starts with Artugna Race Italian Baja di Primavera (11-12 March) and then follows the Baja Rally Adriatico (14/15 May), Rally Greece Off Road (26/29 May), 29th Italian Baja (7/10 July ), Baja Vermentino Terre di Gallura (17/18 September), Baja Crete Senesi and Valtiberina (15/16 October).

A mixture of special events, each with its own basic technical characteristics, capable of enhancing the different types of vehicles. There are the right ingredients to start again with confidence and optimism towards ambitious goals!


Carlo Ragogna

Press Office Italian Baja

photo Massimo Zuin

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