Fever at 40, but the Italian Baja is fine

01 June 2022

Fever at 40, but the Italian Baja is fine

Surge of registrations (a record) within the deadline at a discounted price. There is therefore a great desire to race and there will be time until June 27 to decide.


Wednesday 1 June 2022 _ Record temperature for the Italian Baja 2022, but it is the contagious fever of an event that is bursting with health! Yesterday, May 31, the first phase of subscriptions at a discounted price ended and the record of 40 subscriptions was reached. Things never seen in the new millennium, proof that there is a great desire to run and that the race organized by


Off-road Club 4x4 Pordenone still represents a formidable attraction for the Cross Country Bajas specialists, both at the Fia World Cup and European Cup level, and as regards the Italian Cross Country Rally Championship and the Italian SSV Acisport Championship.


Those who - for whatever reason - have not used the subsidized fee, will still have time until June 27th to decide whether to register or not.


The Italian Baja will be staged from 7 to 10 July, with headquarters at the Pordenone Interport and selective sectors on the Meduna, Cosa and Tagliamento rivers, remaining as far as possible from the water so as not to affect the efficiency of the vehicles , but offering the extraordinary track of a luxuriant track a stone's throw from the inhabited centers.


Carlo Ragogna Italian Baja Press Office

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