Everything is ready at the Pordenone Interport

10 March 2022

10 March 2022_
Everything is ready at the Pordenone Interport for the Artugna Race - Italian Baja di Primavera, opening round of the Italian Cross Country Baja Championship and the Italian Ssv Championship.

The Interport will be the headquarters of the off-road race, tomorrow afternoon with the technical checks of the vehicles (start at 2 pm) and the reception of the crews in the race, on Saturday with the mechanics assistance park, while the actual race will unfold on a 28.5 km track to be repeated 4 times, on the dirt roads of the foothills between the municipalities of Aviano, Budoia, Polcenigo and Fontanafredda.

The best Italian specialists were present, as was the Hungarian Pal Lonlay with a Porsche Macan, already a protagonist in past editions of the race.

Numerous people from Pordenone in the race: pilots at the wheel of side by side light tubulars such as Andrea De Luna, Michele Manocchi and Mauro Vagaggini; drivers on cross country vehicles such as Andrea Tomasini and Claudio Allegranzi; co-drivers such as Mirko Brun, Mauro Toffoli, Angelo Mirolo, Mauro Nadin, Sandra Castellani and Chiara Zoppellaro.

Tomorrow afternoon a great show at the Interport with the unprecedented preview of the Lyric Off-Road Vehicle at 6.15 pm, by the Ludi Musici. bringing together culture and motorsport for the first time.


Press Office - Carlo Ragogna (320 4384799) and Gianna Vardanega

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