Artugna Race, Spring registrations open

11 February 2022

Double tricolor and new trophies to energize the off-road restart

11 February 2022_ Four weeks before starting to run again on the dirt roads of the Pordenone foothills. Registration opens today for the Artugna Race - 12th Italian Baja di Primavera, scheduled for 11 and 12 March: Friday dedicated to technical checks and delivery of materials (plus an extra race surprise that will be unveiled in the next few days); Saturday with a selective sector of 28.87 km to be repeated four times. In between, after the first two passages, the only assistance park at the Centro Ingrosso Freight Village in Pordenone, where the headquarters will be set up and the departure and arrival ceremonies will take place.


Double the tricolor validity of the Artugna Race as of all the other Acisport stages on the calendar this year, always moving in parallel the Italian Cross Country Baja Championship for drivers and manufacturers (Groups T1 and T2) and the Italian SSV Championship for drivers and manufacturers (Groups T3, T4, T4N). The presence of some foreign drivers is also likely, recalling the recent participations of the Hungarian Pal Lonyai in the Porsche Macan and of the Slovak Miroslav Zapletal in the Ford F150 Evo, while the Maltese Carl Grima seems to have already booked himself with a vehicle yet to be defined.


News in terms of trophies to stimulate a "multilayer" restart: an Open Trophy dedicated to vehicles with expired homologation, Group TH for cross country vehicles and TM Group for SSVs; an Under 18 Trophy that will allow minors with a B1 license, the one for quadricycles, to race on SSVs (Side by side vehicles). Also in the Open is the unprecedented THS, the trophy that opens up to any homologated vehicle until 31 December 1999, an opportunity to pull glorious vehicles out of the garage in "Dakar Classic" style and return to having fun like in the old days!


Carlo Ragogna

Press office Italian Baja

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