An American observer at Italian Baja

06 June 2022

In the future may come to run the Terrible Herbst with Trophy Trucks


Sunday 5th June 2022_ For now I’m watching, I’ll make my choice later”. This is what we would probably hear from Mark Van Meter, manager at Team Terrible Herbst, one of the most important American teams on the scene (comparable to Overdrive and X-Raid for structure and organization).


The Californian manager is expected at this Italian Baja (7/10 July) to “measure” if the conditions are suitable to deploy, in a close future, one or more of his Terrible Trucks Ford engine powered, 8 cylinders exploding in 1500 horsepower and a three speed automatic. From the words of those who tried them, they’re “furious like thoroughbreds”, and there’s no need for proof.


It recalls when, in 1998, Pierre Lartigue, orphan of Citroen that had just left the raid, competed in Italian Baja with the same Protruck driven by the American Curt Leduc. Strong and powerful vehicles, even if they were beaten by an undefeatable Buggy.


Carlo Ragogna press office Italian Baja

Photo Mario Ravaccia

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