The Artugna Race awakens ambitions by Ramingo 4x4, Petrucci and Toro

09 March 2022

Great curiosity to discover their potential at the opening of the season


March 9, 2022_ Registrations for the Italian Baja di Primavera, renamed the Artugna Race since last year, have closed. Everything is ready to kick off the double championship campaign (Italian Cross Country Baja and Italian Ssv) drivers and constructors, prototypes and derivatives from the series, the Aci Sport Open National Trophy, the Suzuki Challenge, the Under 18 Trophies, TH (homologations expired ) and THS (historic vehicles).

Interport between racing and music.
At the Interporto Centro Ingrosso in Pordenone, home to the headquarters of the Artugna Race, it will be a weekend with a high level of competition with a touch of opera, for the announced performance of the Ludi Musici with "Off-road lyric" (Friday 11 March, 6 pm : 15) and the coming and going of the vehicles in the race between technical checks (Friday) and competition (Saturday 12 March, from 8:15 to 17).



Ramingo 4x4 with two points.
The Varese team presents Andrea Alfano and Carmen Marsiglia on Nissan Pathfineder Proto (T1), last November busy finishing a very wet Portalegre in Lusitanian land. The last time the couple raced together dates back to the Italian Baja 2018, when they won the overall for the Italian championship. Curiosity for the crew made up of Marco Mantovani and Simona Morosi with a Suzuki Sj500 (TH): last year he sat in the right seat of the same vehicle, she sailed Alfano in the Dakar Classic in January and yet she is a novice in cross country baja.



Petrucci with the yellow weapon.
The Ariccia fun club is mobilizing for the unprecedented challenge of Claudio Petrucci together with Stefano Davide Fabiano. “Very happy to be back in the fray - announces the driver from Lazio - because passion prevails over everything. This time I will have the yellow of the great Codeca available, that is the Suzuki Grand Vitara 3.6 (T1) which has collected a lot of badges. I had to wait for him to come down, for three seasons I chased her without ever being able to catch her, now I really hope I can have fun and bring out the best in both of us. "

Toro, who meets with Nadin.
The eternal return of the champion is a great pleasure. Andrea Toro from Modena, who won the Italian flag in 1999, was then the protagonist of exceptional placings in the World Cup races. Now he returns to Pordenone flanked by the local Mauro Nadin, with a Buggy (T1) branded Mrc Sport Brugnera, determined to give a show and experience never forgotten emotions.


Carlo Ragogna Press Office Italian Baja

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